A Case Of You

The Good Old Days

For all of you hopeless romantics out there celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend, this one is for you. James Blake covers Joni Mitchell’s classic Blue album cut “A Case of You” on his new Enough Thunder EP, and it is truly a beautiful rendition. Love the piano on this. Check the video above, featuring actress Rebecca Hall who you will recognize from Woody Allen’s Vicky Christina Barcelona. And below is a clip of Joni Mitchell playing “A Case Of You” live in London…

This post has a few family connections for me. First off, Blue is one of my Mom’s favorite albums, and I have great memories of listening to this with her on family car rides etc. Also, as my Mom pointed out when I sent this to her last night, many people say Rebecca Hall looks a lot like my sister Rebecca, which I think is a bit true (my sister’s prettier). And also, every time I listen to James Blake’s version, I think of my own wife, who I am forever falling in love with. Great song. Props to James Blake for doing it justice. LOVE.

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