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I had the pleasure of interviewing my favorite new band, Electric Guest, for Pigeons & Planes. These dudes are dope, and Danger Mouse produced their entire debut album Mondo, which drops in April. Plus, their lead singer/songwriter Asa Taccone (above left) is from Berkeley, California, my original hometown (I moved to White Plains, New York when I was five). Here’s a little synopsis, and the link to the interview is below:

We got on the horn with the duo behind Electric Guest, Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton, to talk about their musical roots, their artist/producer relationship with Danger Mouse, their home-grown recording process, and the development of their live show. We also discussed the concept behind their disturbing video for “American Daydream” (it was directed by Asa’s older brother Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island), how local radio helped build their buzz, and how they plan to not compromise their integrity for the sake of success. These are the trials and tribulations of a hard-working new band, led by two extremely passionate musicians with solid industry backing, just trying to be heard by doing the one thing they know how to do best: be themselves.

Interview: Electric Guest | Pigeons & Planes

Cop their album when they drop it. I got an advanced copy, and it’s got some dope tracks on it. Uno.

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