Bam Bam Bronson


Action Bronson has a new project coming out this month with producer Party Supplies called Blue Chips, sponsored by Complex and Reebok. To promote it, they put out a short video showcasing Bronson going in while Party Supplies freaks a sample on the MPC. Shout to my boy Kaliph for using this sample a couple years ago on a track we did together called “Shoot The Breeze.” Maybe one day I’ll release that. For now, here’s Bam Bam with the blam blam…

One more from Bronson (not on Blue Chips), featuring crazy ass white rapper RiFF RaFF, called “Bird on a Wire.” The video features Bronson rapping with two humugous spliffs dangling from his mouth and RR frontin’ on the 80’s celly while the rest of their pound walks the streets of Los Angeles with them in a drunken, smoked out haze. Hypnotically fun…

Blue Chips drops March 12th. Chhhhhhhhhheah.


Watch fellow Queens native Prodigy perform “Keep It Thoro” on East Village Radio with Elliott Wilson…


Watch the first official video off Blue Chips called “Hookers at the Point” HERE.


FREE DOWNLOAD- Action Bronson & Party Supplies BLUE CHIPS (via Complex)

Action Bronson x Complex Interview

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