The Shins Live in Manhattan


In association with NPR Music, The Shins played a private show at le Poisson Rouge last night to promote their upcoming album Port Of Morrow which drops March 20th. I know, I’ve been posting mad Shins shit, but fuck it. This is my favorite band, and them coming out with a new album after a five year hiatus is a big deal here at Westcheddar. Last night, the show streamed live on the NPR Music iPad app (which is free and super dope), and I tuned in happily, enjoying every minute as they played the perfect mix of classics and new tracks from POM. It was a pleasant alternative to watching the Knicks stink it up for a second night in a row. And now, the entire show is available to watch on the NPR Music website! Yes!

The Shins Live at le Poisson Rouge, March 7th, 2012 | NPR Music

By the way, I was sent a copy of the new Shins album this week, and I really like it. At first, it’s hard to hear songs that I was introduced to originally through live recordings and YouTube footage. But the production is great, and it’s totally my speed, so I’m slowly but surely starting to prefer the album versions to the live ones I previously had in heavy rotation. Def go get it when it comes out. Peace.

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