SXSW Highlights 2012


So SXSW really stepped it’s game up in 2012, huh? Lucky for music fans like me who were unable to leave their daily grind to enjoy the party in Austin, Texas, there were lots of shows streaming live, and some quality video footage was recorded and posted on the internet in the past week from the various venues too. And the cool thing about the festival is that not only is it for up and coming acts, but the big boys like Jay-Z and Nas were doing their thing also! Here are Westcheddar’s choice clips from the week, led by my favorite rapper out right now by a mile, Action Bronson, who goes in on stage with the raps! Plus, my other current faves, including The Shins, Electric Guest, and Alabama Shakes…

Action Bronson (Full Set @ Shady 2.0)

Action Bronson x Smoke DZA (The FADER FORT)

The Shins “Bait And Switch” & “It’s Only Life” (#VEVOSXSW)

¬†Electric Guest “Amber” (Virgin Mobile LiveHouse)

Alabama Shakes “Hold On” (Hotel San Jose)

Maybe one year I’ll actually make it down to the festival. Stay tuned for Nardwuar’s interview with Action Bronson live from SXSW, I hear it’s coming soon…


It’s here, and it’s incredible. Nardwuar interviews Action Bronson…

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