The 20 Best Shins Songs

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To celebrate The Shins’ new album, which was released today, I put together a list over at Pigeons & Planes of the 20 Best Shins Songs. It’s not so easy to rank your favorite band’s best songs, but I gave it a whirl, and I’m pretty proud of how it came out. Props to Confusion for hooking up the pics and artwork and audio streams. Check the intro and link to the feature below…

The Shins released their fourth album today, Port of Morrow—their first in five years—led by brilliant songwriter/musician/auteur James Mercer and supported by a 2.0 version of the band. Even with a new lineup, the album has everything we love about The Shins on it. The songs are gorgeous, with enough pop sensibility to sing along to and the right touch of indie appeal to keep music snobs happy.

To celebrate The Shins’ latest opus, we gathered our picks for the 20 Best Shins Songs in their discography. From the song that Natalie Portman insisted would “change your life” in Garden State, to a B-side off one of their early 7 inch record releases, to their awesome Squeeze cover, we considered them all. Find out the stories and meanings behind their most celebrated records (via quotes by James Mercer), what song off Port of Morrow cracked our Top 5, and of course, the melancholy masterpiece we crowned #1.

The 20 Best Shins Songs | Pigeons & Planes

This is probably the last of The Shins wave of posts here at Westcheddar, so I hope you enjoyed them. But hey, you never know, their may just be another one around the bend! Now go cop the album. Thanks for reading…


The Shins Live on Letterman (Full Set)

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