Knicks Rap 2012

My Dudes, Sports, Stan Ipcus

Yo, this Knicks season has been sooooooo crazy. Melo-drama, Lin-sanity, you name it. Shit, Amar’e lost his brother in a car accident. They got rid of D’Antoni. Injury after injury. Winning streaks. Losing streaks. FUCKING NUTS. Now that Lin is out for the season, and Amar’e is out for the next couple weeks, it really is going to be interesting as we move towards the playoffs. Anyway, I’m a little late in posting this here. In fact, the day I wrote and filmed this, which was a week and a half ago, things were on the up and up, which is why I did it in the first place, and the reason I’m so damn jovial in the video. Check the stylings of me and my young boy Lonie Rock on the beat box as we pay tribute to our 2012 Knicks. One time, one take (you know how we do). Shout to TheKnicksBlog and Posting and Toasting for showing this some love, and my man J. Tunes for the camera work…

I’m out like D’Antoni. Ha!

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