Venice Vibes


Avi Buffalo is my dude, and not just because both our real last names are Isenberg. I got mad love for him, and his style of music. His first album is a personal favorite, and stays in constant rotation in my car. He’s a California kid, and being that I was born out there myself, and that both of my parents are from there, I feel very closely connected to his sound. When I listen to it, I honestly feel like I’m transported out west, which gives me this surreal sensation that I try to harness for as long as possible. Check his live, stripped down performance, without his band, of “How Come,” his latest release (it came out almost a year ago) live from the top of a building in Venice Beach. I miss you, California.


It’s amazing how sometimes the next thing I discover that I want to put up on Westcheddar will fit perfectly with my last post. Best Coast is another indie California band, and I’ve heard about them, but never really listened to their music. But their new sophomore album The Only Place just dropped today, and D.A. Wallach of Chester French tweeted out a link to their song “How They Want Me To Be” this afternoon, and I love it. I’ve already listened to it ten times today, with the hope that its beachy mood will drift me away from this rainy Westcheddar madness…

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