Buffalo Soldier


Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg aka Avi Buffalo is only 18 years old, but his band (also called Avi Buffalo) just signed to legendary indie label SubPop Records, and they are making major waves along the Pacific Coast.  With roots in Long Beach, California, Avi Buffalo also consists of three other local musicians, two of them female (one who is still in high school), and all who are under 21.  But Avi is the heart of the band.  He writes all the songs, sings lead vocals, and plays guitar.  And his real last name is Isenberg just like mine, spelled the same way and everything.  A Californian with the last name Isenberg who is signed to SubPop Records?!?!?  I’m an instant fan.  Check out these two clips of Avi playing stripped down versions of the A and B side from Avi Buffalo’s first SubPop single “What’s It In For?”/ “Jessica”, off their upcoming album which is due out this spring, live from his bedroom in Long Beach…

“What’s It In For?”


Talented kid.  And here is a two part behind the scenes video with Avi Buffalo in the studio, which features Avi, keyboardist Rebecca Coleman, and their producer Aaron Embry.  It will give you a feel for the vibe of the band…

Their single is available now on Itunes, and I also suggest you check out a session they recorded for Daytrotter.com, which is a cool website that lets you download free high quality mp3’s from their very large catalog of live performances by well known acts like Fleet Foxes and Raphael Saadiq, as well as loads of up and coming bands.  Just register real quick it takes two seconds and you get instant and unlimited free download access.  Links to the Avi Buffalo website and their Daytrotter session are below…

By the way, that’s the cover for their first single…

Avi Buffalo Official Website

Avi Buffalo Daytrotter Performance (FREE DOWNLOADS)

Shout out to my boy Gippamaldi for putting me on to Avi Buffalo.  Go see them live at Bowery Ballroom January 18th in NYC.  Peace.

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