Leaders of the New School (Mixtape)

My Dudes

A couple months ago, I did a post here called Leaders of the New School, showcasing some of the new rappers on the scene that I was feeling. My boy DJ ROZ from White Plains, who I’ve performed and collaborated with since our days as undergrads at University of Maryland, hit me up saying he wanted to do a Leaders of the New School mixtape, and asked if I would help him curate it for a Westcheddar release. Of course, I was with it, because there are a lot of great new young rap artists that I’m into right now, so I thought it would make for a cool project. And ROZ was excited about it, so naturally I wanted to support my fam.

So ROZ and I started gathering songs for the tape, sending MP3s back and forth via email (I’m in the 914 and he’s in the 301), and fairly easily we were able to come up with a pool of artists and songs to construct the tape with. ROZ put me on to some DMV rappers he wanted to showcase too (I even put him on to one he wasn’t up on, Uno Hype), and I reached out to Denmark Vessey, a dope MC out of Chicago/Detroit who I had become friendly with online, and asked him to host and be featured on the tape, and thankfully, he was bout it.

So here it is. DJ ROZ Leaders of the New School featuring Denmark Vessey, a Champion Sounds x Westcheddar collaboration, with music by Denmark Vessey, Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky, The Kid Daytona, Smoke DZA, Uno Hype, Wiki, Sir Michael Rocks, J. Cole, Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, and many more. And since this is a 914 release, we bent the rules a bit and even let the older god Jadakiss get a verse off from his collabo with Daytona. Props to DJ ROZ on the mix, and Denmark Vessey for holding it down with the ill tracks and interludes. Back cover (with song list) and download link below…

Download DJ ROZ Leaders of the New School featuring Denmark Vessey

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