Three Amigos


Westcheddar loves crazy white rappers, and these two videos, above and below, feature a few of the craziest joining forces. Above is a collaboration with Action Bronson, Riff Raff, and Dana Coppafeel called “Hot Shots Part Deux,” which is an amazing song title by the way. The song itself is pretty dope too. Nice beat and sample. And below, Riff Raff appears again with his supergroup Three Loco, which also includes Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty, for their new song/video “Neato.”

Bronson is by far the best rapper out of all of these guys, and Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex is of course a Westcheddar favorite. Milonakis is from the 914, so props to him. Dana Coppafeel (great name) is from Milwaukee, and actually is pretty nice. Then there’s Riff Raff, the most eccentric and bizarre of them all. He’s one of those rappers that’s so bad that he’s good. Both videos are excellent though, so check them out.

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