In The Lab with Roc Marciano and Mac Miller

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Peace family, it’s been a minute since I updated Westcheddar. My apologies. I got mad new shit in motion, and I’m going to attempt to catch you up tonight. First of all, I’m happy to announce officially that I’m the new features editor at NahRight. As you may remember, NahRight was the first major music blog to ever post one of my videos/songs, and has always been my favorite hip-hop site period. So I was thrilled when eskay reached out and asked me to join the team.

It’s been a good first month at NahRight, and two of my first interviews were with two of my favorite rappers out right now, Roc Marciano and Mac Miller, for a new series we’re doing called In The Lab. The point of the series is to go behind the scenes with artists and find out what it’s like to record in the studio with them. Check out the link to both interviews below.

In The Lab with Roc Marciano | NahRight

In The Lab with Mac Miller | NahRight

Thanks to my dude Amir for setting up the Roc interview, and to Q and Artie for linking me with Mac. And of course, big ups to both Roc and Mac for the awesome interviews! Stay tuned for more from this series. Cheah.



Check out this dope interview I did with renowned Polo head and co-host of Complex TV’s The Combat Jack Show Dallas Penn. This is some real hip-hop shit right here.

Dallas Penn’s 5 Favorite Polo Pieces Worn in Rap Videos | NahRight

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