Hilarious Hangout


I was on YouTube the other night thinking of fun things to watch during a rare moment where I had finished all my work and my wife and kids were all asleep, and I stumbled upon this hilarious half-hour Google Play special featuring Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Conan O’Brien. Of course Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are responsible for one of the greatest comedies—if not the greatest—of the 21st century, Wedding Crashers, and they return this summer in The Internship, where they play two out-of-work dudes who get an internship at Google. We’ll have to see if the movie is any good, but if it’s half as funny as this half-hour special with Conan, we’re in for a treat. Watch above as these three wit-masters pop shit at random heads asking them questions via Google Hangouts. I seriously have not laughed this hard watching something in mad long. All praises due to these three. Enjoy.

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