Toronto Trill


Let’s face it, Drake is killing it in 2014. He hasn’t put out an album himself yet, but he’s responsible for most of the hottest songs of the year. And his boys PARTYNEXTDOOR and The Weeknd are slaying the R&B game. And, quiet as kept, Drake’s ginger friend OB O’Brien got some heat out, too. Check out the new “Recognize” video above with PND and Drake, and then stream a shitload of gems from the whole team below.

Mad shit, right? My bad to OD, but I had to prove a point. Toronto got this shit in the smash right now. Personal faves of the lot, though? Probably “Days in the East” and “Persian Rugs” got the most burn out of everything so far in ’14. But all these joints are hot. Also, not on Soundcloud but off the new PND project, I really like “Bout It.” Okay, that’s enough. If you don’t get it by now, there’s nothing else I can really do.

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