Your Old Droog


It’s very rare for a new rapper to come out nowadays and fully catch my attention and interest. And this guy Your Old Droog from Coney Island, Brooklyn is the first one in a long time to do it, so it’s a must I take a moment to write about him here. First time I heard his song “Nutty Bars” I ran it back twenty times in a row bugging, like, “This shit is crazy!” Thanks to my boy Timm Hotep for the exclusive. Because of him, I was able to give Droog his first NahRight post and break the song to the masses.

I was pretty confident that Droog was going to catch on, because he was undeniably nice, his voice was ill, and the production was crazy on some organic, sample-based, NYC shit. But what I didn’t see coming was the whole Nas conspiracy theory. Straight up, I didn’t even think for a second when I first heard Droog that he was Nas. I didn’t even really make the comparison like that. Funny shit is, he’s white!!!

The video above is a clip he just put out of him rapping over the classic Sauce Money and Jay Z “Pre-Game” beat, showing his face for the first time. And for those who want more, peep his Soundcloud page for the whole EP and some sick loosies, and then check for him live at Webster Hall in NYC on September 3rd. Oh, and read this The New Yorker article on him, too. Aiight, chill.

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