Summer Sixteen



I don’t care if you like Drake as a person or not. You have to respect this man’s music. He continuously kills everything in his path. His new song “Summer Sixteen” is incredible. From the venomous diss bars to the infectious chorus to the absolutely ridiculous beat flip, it embodies everything that makes modern-day hip-hop exciting. I’m about as traditional a New York rap fan as it gets. I listen to old Redman and new Roc Marciano all day, every day. But Drake is a beast. He’s bodying the game every chance he gets, and if you haven’t accepted it yet, it’s about time you do. Oh, and that new shit “Work” with Rihanna? Also flames. No stream links for either so just head over to iTunes/Apple Music to listen/download. I already did, and trust that I got them both on repeat.

Views From the 6 coming in April.

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