Nonce, Please

Music, The Good Old Days

A few weeks back, I posted an old The Nonce video in response to a Juan Epstein episode where it was brought up in conversation. And now, it looks like the good people at Dope Folks Records will be releasing a collection of unreleased Nonce rarities this year.

It’s funny, I recently got my hands on an unreleased Nonce collection of their early ’90s stuff titled Advanced Regression, and this “Scopen Out The Honeys (Remix)” was on there. There’s another one out there, too, called The Right State of Mind, which is made up of songs they recorded around 1997. Yes, I’m a Nonce head, so I’m psyched to see that these joints are finally going to get an official release. Stay tuned, and enjoy some serious Southern Cali throwback rap goodness above.

RIP Yusef Afloat.

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