Springtyme Stickup 1996

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Twenty years ago, I hopped in my Honda Civic on a beautiful spring Saturday morning in New York and took a dolo drive from White Plains down to Southern Boulevard in the Bronx to see if any new mixtapes were out. As I arrived at Uptown Flava, they had just gotten the new Clue tape, Springtyme Stickup 1996. Shit didn’t even have a cover yet, but they blessed me with a copy.

I still remember the excitement I felt when I heard that Mobb Deep “Motherless Child” freestyle drop as I pulled out of my parking spot on Southern Boulevard to head back to the 914. And I can literally picture the exact spot where I was driving on Westchester Avenue when Jay Z’s “Can I Live” came on for the first time. Every time I hear it, I’m transported back to that BX block.

This is one of my favorite mixtapes ever. I can’t believe it’s 20 years old! So many classics on here it’s not even funny. Enjoy, and shout to my man Step One for the upload!

Stream – DJ Clue Springtyme Stickup 1996

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