Snow Flow ’21

Mixes, Music

Over the years, I’ve had my moments where I’ve neglected Westcheddar. But I’ve always promised myself not to let it go for too long. What can I say? Life is busy working from home with four kids in the middle of a pandemic, so sometimes the blogging has to take a backseat.

But amidst the insanity, I’m going to try and find time to keep this going as best I can. That said—as I attempt to turn things around—here’s a playlist of some rap songs I’ve been bumping this winter since the ball dropped. Consider this a catch-up, and also a promise to pay more attention to the blog in the coming months.

Make sure you check out that whole Droog and Fahim project The Wolf On Wall St that shit is fire top to bottom. And stay tune for more posts and playlists right here at

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