Three The God Way

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This is one of the illest lineups I’ve ever seen assembled for a live hip-hop show. To get prepared for Tuesday night at Sony Hall in NYC, check out this Three The God Way playlist below, featuring choice cuts by the Rap Gods themselves. All praises due to Slick Rick, Jay Electronica and Roc Marciano.

Roc Marciano Built To Last Mix Vol. 1

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Track list below. More Built To Last mixes HERE.

ROC MARCIANO – Built To Last Mix – Vol. 1

01 – Helpless Dreamer
02 – Cut Throat Rap
03 – War games
04 – White Russian
05 – Boss Material 1
06 – Lyrical Assassins
07 – Ball of Yarn
08 – Three Sixty Five
09 – My Persona
10 – Fame
11 – Nine Spray
12 – Sweet Nothings
13 – Take Me Over
14 – In Heaven’s Home
15 – Outta control
16 – 1010 Wins
17 – Rocky II
18 – Patina
19 – Shit Hard
20 – Granite
21 – No Filter
22 – Poltergeist
23 – As Long As Its Real
24 – Hey Love
25 – The Prophecy (Oxidation Remix)
26 – Live from Pimpstead
27 – Time for Change
28 – Kein F (Verse)
29 – Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy
30 – Freestyle

Reel to Reel 25th Anniversary Mixtape

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When I got my first CD player, my Grandma Sooky took me to Sam Goody in The Galleria to buy me some CDs. I picked out three—A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory, The Beatles Abbey Road and Grand Puba Reel to Reel. 25 years later, Reel to Reel remains one of my favorite albums. It was a huge influence on me as a young rap artist, and I still listen to it all the time.

Celebrate a true 914 rap classic with this dope Reel to Reel 25th anniversary mix courtesy of Chris Read and Wax Poetics. Big up Grand Puba, one of the illest MCs ever!