Styles P x ItsTheReal

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Styles joins Jeff and Eric on the latest episode of A Waste of Time. Lots of early LOX and Bad Boy talk, Biggie stories, 914 gems and much more. Great listen.

Rap Dad Talk

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My boys ItsTheReal—the hip-hop comedy duo with Harrison roots—continue to pump out quality podcast episodes with the music industry’s brightest and most interesting artists and personalities on their show A Waste of Time. Their latest episodes star two dudes who I interviewed for my 2014 NahRight Father’s Day Feature on Rap Dads, The Kid Mero and Shea Serrano. Mero is a comedian from the Bronx who cracks me the fuck up with his witty hood commentary, and Shea is an extremely talented and hilarious writer/author (The Rap Year Book is available now on Amazon). And they both hold down the fort as dedicated Dads and family men.

Shea’s episode just dropped so I haven’t peeped it yet, but I already know it’s amazing just off how amazing a guy he is. As for Mero’s, I’m about halfway through, and the story about him saying what’s up to Slick Rick while helping his son pee into a Poland Spring bottle outside the Dollar Tree had me laughing out loud in my car (mad loud) today. Listen to The Kid Mero’s episode above, and Shea Serrano’s below. Shouts to my boys Eric and Jeff aka ItsTheReal, thanks again for coming through to rep with me the other night at Mercury Lounge!