Curb Season

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One of the most exciting things happening in pop culture this month is the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm (the first two episodes are awesome). And with its return has come some great promo content.

For starters, check out Origins, an oral history-style podcast that explores Curb‘s beginnings, featuring interviews with Larry and the whole cast.

Also, peep Complex’s The 25 Best Curb Your Enthusiasm Episodes list.

And below, I’m a little late but watch clips from LD’s recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel…

Curb Returns

Comedy, Television, Videos


We hoped it would happen, and now it looks like our dream has come true. According to an Instagram post by Larry David’s daughter (see pic above) and an HBO video featuring the show’s co-star JB Smoove (see below), it looks like shooting for the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is underway.

This is gonna be good.