I’ll say with confidence that the one song I’ve listened to the most over the last six months is Leisure’s “All Over You.” It’s literally one of my favorite songs of all time. So naturally I’m checking for anything new these dudes drop. And their latest, a collabo with GoldLink titled “Nobody,” is pretty damn fresh. Who knew New Zealanders had so much soul?

Here’s hoping someone out there gets laid to this.

Leisure Love


Leisure is a group out of New Zealand that I first heard about a while back on Pigeons & Planes—their groovy lead single “Got It Bad” drew me in right away. Then, this morning on Spotify, a newer song of theirs that I hadn’t heard before—”All Over You”—popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist, and it’s super smooth. Actually, it’s my favorite song I’ve heard from them thus far. Good stuff!