Summer Jams

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Playing catch-up a bit here after my hiatus and thought I’d drop a bunch of jams I’ve been listening to this summer in one post, plus some new shit that’s hitting my radar this week. Let’s start above with DJ Khaled’s self-proclaimed song and video of the year “Staying Alive.” I see a lot of folks calling this “mid,” but I can’t front I’ve been singing it nonstop since it dropped. The video is fun, too (Drake nails the “doctor walk” lol). Yo Khaled—Westcheddar did!

For those who don’t eff with that mainstream heat, here’s an underground smoker I’ve been listening to steadily for the past few weeks. This one’s for the buddhaheads out there who love a good daytime burn, courtesy of Philly rapper lojii and his crony Zeroh, with production by mejiwahn. Twist.

As we continue on with the buddha anthems, here’s a new roots reggae joint from Mikey General and producer Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah titled “It Choose Me.” This is some classic sounding shit right here—Mikey General’s the man and Ticklah doesn’t miss.

Another gem for the stoners. Are we sensing a theme here, yet? Leisure might be a band from New Zealand, but on the “Mesmerised (Sumac Dub Remix)” they catch the island vibes lovely.

Speaking of island vibes, this might be the song of the summer at the Westcheddar headquarters. The whole family fux with it. Pay attention.

And finally, to put a bow on the Caribbean flavor—my man Matisyahu dropped a heater a few months back that’s still in rotation, “Mama Please Don’t Worry.” And his son LAIVY just released his debut single “Beauty and the Beast” which is fire, too. Congrats, young King!

That’s it for now. Sike! I got one more for ya. Her name is Ice Spice, straight out of the BX. Rumor has it that her father is a well-known Bronx rapper from back in the day, but I’ve yet to see confirmation on who that is. I’ll update when I find out. For now, peep her spit that ill drill skill on “Munch,” which already got the co-sign from Drake. See how we just came full circle? You gotta love it.

Okay, now I’m really out. Enjoy the summer my Westcheddar brethren. Peace!!

Blue Sky Playground

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Matisyahu’s album Undercurrent is out now! Check out our song off it “Blue Sky Playground” above. And below, watch extended footage of our performance at his album release party, as well as our appearance on Sway In The Morning (freestyle session starts 24 minutes in, don’t miss it).

Thanks so much to Matis for putting me on the album, and always setting me up to shine! And thanks for the mention in the Mass Appeal interview (what up Rob Kenner). Love!


Funny, in the trailer for the new Judd Apatow-produced comedy The Big Sick, the word “Stonehenge” comes up as they’re discussing a game called “You Can’t Rhyme It.” But yo, I just rhymed the word “Stonehenge” on my “Blue Sky Playground” verse! Movie looks good, check out the trailer below.