Larry David’s Greatest Hits Part 1


Curb Your Enthusiasm may very well be my all-time favorite TV show. I am at the point where I have seen every episode at minimum five times, and once in a while one of those real classic episodes comes on at my beloved 11pm time slot, which is usually exactly when my fiancee is falling asleep to me telling her, “Baby you’ve got to see this one!!” But like clockwork, she’s in dreamland before the opening jingle is over, and I am stuck laughing out loud by myself (which is actually quite fun). Here is the first installment of my all-time favorite clips from fellow Terp alumni Larry David…

Quite possibly my favorite of the favorites, Larry’s conversation with Krayzee Eyes Killah.  The whole episode is amazing, but this opening interaction between the two is unbelievable, especially Larry’s analysis of Krayzee’s lyrics.

The latest season featuring The Blacks is possibly the best season yet, but don’t quote me on that.  I just love Larry’s chemistry with Leon.  In this scene, Leon tells Larry how to get back at a guy who made an offensive comment to him in a doctor’s office.  “Get in that ass Larry!!”.  The funniest part is Larry repeating Leon’s advice.  Priceless.

“Judaism, where are you!?”  Amazing scene.

Larry doing stand up, from the very first Curb Your Enthusiasm special.  I love this.

Another person that Larry has hilarious on screen chemistry with is Richard Lewis.  This clip is from the first season.  This to me is the essence of jewish humor.

And finally, the season three finale’s final scene.  A total curse fest.  “Boy cock girl cock eee iii eeee iii oooo.” Wow.

Stay tuned for Larry David’s Greatest Hits Part 2…

4 thoughts on “Larry David’s Greatest Hits Part 1

  1. Cannot agree more ippy! The season with the blacks was the best yet dude. “Wassup larry.” “You gotta open up the ass, spraypaint ‘Larry was here’, step out, and leave that shit open….”

    My other fave is the “huge Vagina” clip.

    It doesnt get better than Larry David.

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