Ipcus and Matisyahu Live on Hot 97

My Dudes, Published Material, Stan Ipcus

Matisyahu and I were on the Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Morning Show last Friday.  It was a blast, especially being up there with my childhood friend.  It was a historic moment for us and for White Plains as neither Matis or myself had ever been on Hot 97.  And they let us GO IN!!!!!!  I rapped “My Ferris Buellers” while Matis blessed me with a sick beatbox (see the pic below of Matis doing his thing), and we even had something special prepared just for the show.  Check out the clip…


Oh, and I put together a video for “My Ferris Buellers” during my day off from work.  I got the idea to film the whole thing from my crib using my Mac Book built-in camera and I Movie, using an updated editin technique I implemented back in high school in my video art class, which is the last time I made a music video.  It worked!!!  Yo, less than an hour after I finished it and sent it out to some people, it was up on nahright.com, which is the bible of hip-hop blogs.  They finally posted something of mine after me sending stuff to them for six months.  And now it’s all over the internet.  Not bad for a video made with no budget.  Check it out, it’s fun…

Wow, this “My Ferris Buellers” record has gotten me some pretty good looks…Stay tuned…and check the new Matisyahu x Kenneth Cole ad….

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