Roundball Classic

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Next Saturday December 20th is the 10th Annual Roundball Classic, a holiday basketball tournament at St. Bernard’s Church made up of local guys from White Plains.  Ten years ago, when the tournament first began after a night of friendly shit talking at the local bars between rival crews, we were all young college guys.  Now, a decade later, we are made up of teachers, firemen, young professionals, husbands, fathers, etc., and we’re all about 20-30 pounds heavier in weight.  The actual basketball games are painful to watch, though it does get exciting at points and some dudes manage to pull off some nice plays.  It gets competitive, as each team battles for the 1st place trophy and bragging rights for the year (that’s my team above, PU CLICK, from last year celebrating our first ever win).  And the after party is a guaranteed good time, and full on WP reunion, where the winning squad takes turns drinking out of the trophy.  Check out the promo video for this year’s tournament, “Roundball Moments with Matty B”, where he reflects on past RBC’s and looks ahead to the upcoming game…featuring a special appearance from his personal dietician and a little acoustic guitar from the man himself…

and check these other two, “Roundball Moments with Tic” and “Roundball Moments with B Duigs”…hilarious…

See you at the game!!!

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