Dark Wars

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I posted about Mr. Youtube (above) before here at Westcheddar, one of the stars of the Get Light dance craze that is sweeping across the 5 boroughs and up to where I work in Westchester County.  My interest in the dance style, which is very popular with urban youth right now in the NYC area, started mainly from having so many kids come into my Cultural Arts Center wanting to Get Light, watching all the youtube videos of battles and new moves, and practicing their own moves in the center.  Eventually they started making their own videos to post, and continue to do so.  In fact, last night we just filmed a new one.

After forming a friendship with my boy Craig at Bombin Magazine, who interviewed me for a Stan Ipcus online feature a few months ago, I expressed an interest to him in doing a story on “getting light” for his next issue.  I put him on to the dance videos of Mr. Youtube and others I posted here at Westcheddar and he was really into the idea.  So from there I contacted the man behind the movement, D Cole.


I figured D Cole (above) was the guy to get at, since almost all the videos I watched online had his label on them and were from his youtube page.  I shot him an email through youtube, and he called me that day, and invited me to his upcoming event, promising he would have Mr. Youtube and other big names like Chrybaby Cozie (bottom left, who has appeared in some popular music videos including Ron Browz “Pop Champagne” and Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss”) in the building for me to talk to.  It was exactly what I needed for my story.


The event took place during the holidays at a dance studio in midtown Manhattan, and it was awesome.  There were kids from all over New York, many who traveled quite a distance to get there, ready to battle and make a name for themselves.  I quickly found out that it was no longer called Get Light, but rather GET DARK, a movement D Cole leads and promotes heavily through his videos, clothing, and of course his DARK WARS.  He organizes all the events, shoots and posts all the videos, and acts as a father figure to many of the dancers involved (though I must note there were a bunch of parents in the building, all in support of their kids and D Cole’s movement).  He’s a great guy, and after being around him, it’s easy to see why everyone looks up to him.  Keep an eye out for the new issue of Bombin Magazine for my full story behind D Cole’s DARK WARS, and check out the 4 part Behind the Scenes video I put together, filled with interviews and dance footage that explain and show exactly what it means to GET DARK, and a slideshow of pics I got at the event…


Part 1 D Cole Interview etc….

Part 2 Mr. Youtube, Chrybaby Cozie Interview etc….

Part 3 More Interviews and an Ill Battle!!!!

Part 4 Exclusive Mr. Youtube, Chrybaby Cozie, and Rayn Dance Footage

Shout out to Bombin Magazine, check out the story on their blog too:

Bombin Magazine blog DARK WARS

Special thanks to D Cole!!!!

5 thoughts on “Dark Wars

  1. I really believe if I went to one of these summer bball tournaments in harlem and challanged one of these kids I’d win. First off, no one would expect a white kid my size to be at the game in the first place. If I ran out of the crowd while one of these kids (they seem to be much older) were Harlem shaking I would throw their whole routine off. All I would have to do is a really mean Chicken Noodle Soup on one of them and the crowd would go apeshit. And once you win the crowd its over. I would go on youtube the next day and retire undefeated. That’s my plan.

  2. Get Lite, Heaavy, Dark dancers sought for documentary and music video.

    Dancers must be between the ages of 7 and 21 (males and females). Parent or guardian permission requires.

    Auditions: October 22, 2009, in Manhattan (NYC). Email for more details.

    J. Curry
    GigaGroove Corporation

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