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Looking for something fly to wear for the summer, but don’t want to leave Westchester?  I got the spot for you.  The Rec Room (above), nestled in the quaint river town of Dobbs Ferry, is perfect for local shoppers searching for Soho style gear.  Located right on the corner of Cedar Street and Broadway, The Rec Room has a lot of really dope t-shirts, clothes, hats, kicks, cd’s, stickers, toys, and more.  With a really clean, laidback vibe, this is the place for you to find something cool and impressive to wear to your next barbeque or give to someone as a present, without having to make the trek downtown.  And they carry my cousin’s line No Mas NYC!!!  Check out some more pics…




By a twist of fate, my man Moshe, who lives up the hill from The Rec Room, discovered the new store (it’s not even a year old) and became friendly with Bahr, the owner of the shop.  Moshe quickly hit me up, telling me about the possibilities of us doing some sort of live music event at the shop, and that Bahr was into hip hop culture and all that good stuff that he knows I can’t get enough of.  Well the moment we all started exchanging emails and I discovered Bahr knew my cousin and carried No Mas, I could tell this was the beginning of something special.  And last night, the three of us sat down at The Rec Room and came up with a great idea for a monthly event.  We all hit it off right away, and realized the need for something new and exciting here in Westchester.  And what better location and people to host that type of event.  I mean, we all are heavy in the community, with all sorts of connections to artists and musicians, both young and old.  Check out this artwork The Rec Room is currently displaying in partnership with a local after school program…


So our event is tentatively going to be called River Ciphers, live from The Rec Room and hosted by Stan Ipcus with Marlon “Moshe” Sobol on house drums.  The idea is to unite everyone together at the beginning of each month to share whatever it is they’re into musically and artistically.  It is a chance for Moshe and I to rock together again (which we’ve done alot in the past), and bring our friends, family, kids we work with, community members, and special guests, to perform in an open mic type setting.  We want to embrace the talent that is right here in Westchester County.  I am proud to be a part of this partnership with Bahr and Moshe, and look forward to turning River Ciphers into something passionate, historic, and FUN!  Stay tuned for more details on our first event, which is going to be held Thursday July 2nd, and check out this video of Moshe killing it on the drums a few years ago at one of my shows at The Thirsty Turtle, and also the link to The Rec Room website…

The Rec Room Website

3 thoughts on “The Rec Room

  1. YAY Rec Room!!! Can’t wait to see what you guys come with. It’s great to know that creativity and inspiration lives in every corner, everywhere…think of the kids you’ll influece with positive gatherings! The rivertowns will never be the same!

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