Step Your Beatbox Game Up

My Dudes, Youth


I happen to be longtime friends with two of the best beatboxers on the planet, Max B and Matisyahu (above playing “SWITCH” at my wedding reception).  Matisyahu used to beatbox at parties for me back when I first started rapping in high school, and I met Max B at College Park up at the campus radio station, and from there we’ve all been great friends, hanging out, making music, and performing together for years (see the banner pic at the top of the blog).  I will put either of their skills up against anyone.

Max B is definitely the more technical of the two (though you should not sleep, Matisyahu’s techniques are quite advanced).  These guys are not students of the game, they are teachers.  Max actually has had a DVD out on the market for a few years now, teaching people how to beatbox.  I sware, kids at my Cultural Arts Center and friends and other people I know are constantly telling me to “check out this guy beatboxing” or saying “you’ve got to watch this beatbox video”, and what I’m starting to realize is that lots of these cats are learning from MAX’S DVD!!!!!  I can just tell.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’m right.  Check out a couple clips I found online from Max’s tutorial…

Yo Max, this clip about snares has alot of views on youtube my dude!  Almost 300,000!

I own this DVD, but I still can’t beatbox very well.  I’ll stick to rapping.  It’s not Max’s fault, I just crack up watching it because he’s my friend and it’s so damn funny to me!  Don’t front Max, you know this is hilarious, with the mouth close-ups and the headband.  Ha!  But seriously, this video is an excellent way to learn how to beatbox.  It’s an extremely thorough tutorial.  And on the website, you can cop ipod downloads of the DVD so you can learn on the go, as well as sample packs of beatbox sounds for production.  Here’s the link:


Recently, BEATBOXBATTLE.COM held an online world championship, and a girl from Canada won first place.  Check out this video of Julia Dales, and tell me she didn’t learn some of her techniques from watching Max’s video.  Props to her though, she’s pretty nice!

Check out the other Top 5 winners from around the world HERE…

Also, I have to post this video that the kids I work with are obsessed with watching, and I’m convinced he’s one of Max’s students too.  Check this kid out, he’s only 14 and he’s pretty ill.  Can’t tell what that accent is, but he’s definitely not from the states.  Watch for 2:00 in, that’s my favorite part…

Oh yeah, there’s some crazy beatboxing flute players out there.  Lots of them actually.  Chcck this link, they’re pretty cool.  


And last but not least, I have to pay homage to Rahzel the Godfather of Noize.  I first saw him with The Roots a long time ago, and have since seen him a bunch of times live and had the pleasure of hanging out with him and Max one day at an NYC studio session for a beatbox project they were working on together.  This guy is a living legend, and I’m sure both of my beatboxing buddies will agree.  Sure, Biz Markie and Doug E. Fresh came before him, as did others, but Rahzel is from my era, so I’m rocking with him as my G.B.O.A.T. (Greatest Beatboxer Of All Time).  Check this live rendition of him beatboxing Justin Timberlake/Timbaland’s “Sexy Back”…

Step your beatbox game up.  Peace.

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