The Rumble

My Dudes, Sports


No Mas NYC aka “The Mas” recently gave their website a facelift, and added a bunch of new products to their store, including some great new Ali vs. Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” inspired paintings by David Rathman (example below).  They also have a new blog on the Sporting News website dedicated strictly to boxing called The Rumble.  Check the links.  Shout out to my cousin CI (pictured above in The Fader Magazine 2002)….




I need that painting for my new crib…


No Mas just released their latest video, which is an animated tale of when Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis threw a no hitter on June 12th, 1970 while he was on LSD.  The video is narrated by Ellis himself (the audio was taken from an interview with NPR), who passed away last year.  Awesome story, great visuals.  Classic Mas…

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