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It’s no secret that Nah Right is my favorite blog.  I check it every day without fail, and have been doing so since I found out about it a few years ago.  It’s always early with the latest songs, videos, and web content from all my favorite hip hop artists and underground dudes to that I might not be up on yet.  And Eskay (above), the dude who started the recently rated #1 hip hop blog in the world by both XXL and Vibe Magazine, is a Westcheddar native.  He was raised in Yonkers (though he now lives in Queens he still reps YO hard), and had a similar 914 hip hop upbringing as I did, dubbing late night radio shows like Stretch and Bobbito, and venturing into the Bronx to cop mixtapes on and around Fordham Road.  And I have to credit him for giving me my first big blog look when he debuted my video for “My Ferris Buellers” in the summer of 2008 after Cipha Sounds started playing the song on Hot 97.  It was a thrill for me, especially since I’m an unsigned artist who had been trying to get my music on there for a while, and also because I am such a big fan of his blog.  Since then, I’ve had lots of songs, videos, and my last two mixtapes posted on Nah Right, and it continues to be the most credible blog in hip hop.  I am always excited to see my music posted up there.  Even Jay-Z said he checks Nah Right regularly.  Anyway, Unkut (another dope hip hop blog) recently did an in depth interview with Eskay, and it’s thorough.  Check it out by clicking the links below…

Eskay Interview Part 1

Eskay Interview Part 2

Thanks to Eskay for all the love and support on Nah Right, and for always coming correct with all the latest exclusives.  You changed the hip hop game for real for real.  Who needs to go downtown to cop mixtapes now when we can just log on to your site and get ALL THE NEW SHIT?!?!?!?  And also, a big shout out to Nation for holding me down with the posts on there too.  I appreciate it fellas.  Keep doing it.  Hollerrrrrrr.

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