Decade Dingers



As we approach the end of the decade, the first of the 2000’s, there will be many “best of the decade” type lists and projects popping up.  Every hip hop blogger is going to weigh in on what they feel is the best music from this decade.  And rightfully so.  I mean, the end of a decade is an appropriate time to reflect on the past.  And for hip hop, well, it’s been an amazing ten years.  As much as I love 90’s hip hop music, I think some exceptional material was released this decade, on albums, mixtapes, and more recently via the internet.  So on that note, Westcheddar presents DECADE DINGERS, a compilation of 21 of some of my personal favorite cuts from the past ten years of hip hop music.  There’s some mixtape gems, slept on album tracks, rarities, and even a couple  blends, all which I would label as excellent post-90’s rap music.  Don’t be upset if you don’t see your choice of songs or artists on here, you can make your own CD too.  In fact, I encourage it.  But this is how I will fondly remember the 2000-2009 hip hop.  This CD represents IP’s taste buds for beats and rhymes.  These are some of the tracks that got a lot of airplay in MY whip.  I think you’re gonna like it.  Some of it may be familiar, and some of it mat not.  Or you might say, “I forgot about that joint!”  Check the tracklist and then click the link below it to download…


1. Jay-Z “People Talking”

2. Jadakiss “From Now Til Then”

3. Cam’ron “Wet Wipes”

4. The Clipse featuring Pharrell Williams “Hello New World”

5. Nas “2nd Childhood”

6. Ghostface Killah “Outta Town Sh*t”

7. Raekwon “Who Woulda Thought” (Doo Wop and Thoro)

8. Mobb Deep “What Can I Do”

9. Prodigy “I Want You”

10. Lupe Fiasco “Lupe The Killer”

11. Kanye West “Late”

12. Common featuring Kanye West “Punch Drunk Love”

13. Beanie Sigel featuring Sparks “Tales of a Hustler”

14. Peedi Crack “What’s The Scenario?” (Green Lantern)

15. Jay-Z “Allure (Lt. Dan Blend)”

16. 50 Cent “Many Men (Pudgee P Blend)”

17. 50 Cent featuring Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo “Paper Chaser” (Whoo Kid)

18. Nas “Star Wars” (Whoo Kid premiere)

19. Camp Lo “Ticket For 2”

20. The Cool Kids “Delivery Man”

21. The Roots “Thought At Work (Original Version)”


I’m already working on a sequel to this, so stay tuned for that.  I mean, it’s tough to sum up 10 years on one disc.  What’s on your DECADE DINGERS?


Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg’s Top 13 Hip Hop Albums of the Decade on The Top 13

3 thoughts on “Decade Dingers

  1. this list is hot i got my top 13 albums of the decade
    3.Be (common)
    5.American gangster
    6.The Graduation
    7.Get Rich or die tryin
    8. Tha carter 3
    9.808’s and Heartbreak
    10.Blueprint 3
    11.Marshall Mathers
    12.The Recession
    13. once again (John legend)
    This is fresh!!!!!!

  2. and now for my decade dingers my list is gonna be more fresh
    1.jay-z i just wanna love you
    2.50 cent in da club
    3.kanye west through the wire
    4.lil wayne a millie (ps you frontin for not puttin this one on)
    5.Nas rewind
    6.justin timberlake my love
    7.usher burn
    8.Jay-z no hook and 50 cent this is how we do
    10.Kanye west jesus walks (when you make a song about jesus and you dance to it in the club thats a BIG record!!!!!!)
    11.snoop dogg drop it like its hot
    12.jadakiss we gon make it
    13.r.kelly ignition
    14.common the people
    15.jay-z empire state of mind (this song is ending the decade on a high note)
    16.Eminem stan
    17.Ludacris Fantasy
    18.dmx who we be
    19. and of course to end it Jay-z’s Encore
    cheaaaaaa fresh ass list right here

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