Measuring Up To Her Dad

My Dudes

I’d like to think I have a good relationship with my father in law.  We’re not BFF’s, but we get along very well, and I can make him laugh (with me not at me) which is a good thing.  And we’ve had our male bonding moments too, you know, moving furniture together and stuff like that.  But being a son in law can be tricky, so I try to stay on my toes and prove to him how manly I am when I have the opportunities to.  I admit, it’s an intimidating relationship at times.  But most importantly, I always make it very clear that I love his daughter.

My buddy Jonathan Lesser recently wrote a story in this month’s Men’s Health magazine describing his own relationship with his father in law, and how they became close through working together on remodeling his new home (a fixer upper).  It’s a great story.  And yeah dude, I can relate.  Give it a read…


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