Last Of A Balding Breed

My Dudes

My Pelham pal Jonathan Lesser is bald, but he’s hoping his son won’t ever have to worry about that.  In his latest piece for The Good Men Project Magazine titled “The Cure for Baldness Is Almost Here”, Jonny tells us that our generation of men will most likely be the last to ever have to go bald.  Good news for his son, but unfortunately his own head is still “follically challenged”.  Click the link to read…

The Cure for Baldness Is Almost Here by Jonathan Lesser

Nice work.  And as a bit of a bonus, check out a couple related clips.  First, in this hilarious Seinfeld scene, George gets a hairpiece to hide his baldness from a woman who ironically ends up being bald herself…

And here, Larry David discusses baldness with a potential chef for his new restaurant on Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry fires him later in the episode after discovering that the guy actually wears a hairpiece on the low haha)…

One more.  Larry is the victim of a “hate crime” against bald people after refusing to give teenage girls with no costumes candy on Halloween.  Classic…

Shout out to all my balding brothers out there.  I can’t front, I’m starting to thin out a bit myself up top.  All good though.  Sounds like science is looking out for our seeds.  Oh, and if you missed it, read a great story that Lesser wrote a year or so ago for Men’s Health about his relationship with his father-in-law HERE.  Toodles.

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