Stuff White People Like


Ok, please grant me a late pass for posting about this book.  I know, it’s kind of old news.  But I just got around to buying it the other day, and it is really fun.  And accurate!  For those of you not up on Stuff White People Like, well this random white dude Christian Lander from L.A. (via Toronto, Canada) started a blog listing a bunch of things that white people are into i.e. coffee, Apple products, dinner parties, public radio, etc.  The blog caught fire on the internet, and so it was quickly turned into a book.  There’s about 150 things listed in the book, each with hilarious detailed descriptions, some which were on the blog, and some which are exclusive to the book.  If you are a liberal minded white person, you may find yourself guilty of liking many things on the list.  I know I am.  This guy Lander is spot on.  Here’s a video of him explaining how the blog (and the book) came to be, and further discussion about the book itself, at Google Reads…

And here’s the link to the blog, which he continues to update regularly…

Stuff White People Like

And also the full online list to refer to…

Full List of Stuff White People Like

Cop the book next time you’re at the book store, or go on and order it!  Hey, “Amazon” should be on the list, or just “shopping online”.  Ha!  Anyway, get the book, and put it on your coffee table the next time you have a bunch of your white friends over for a dinner party.  It’s a guaranteed hit (trust me I just had a New Year’s Eve gathering at my place and it was the centerpiece of discussion for a good half hour).  And if you’re not white but you have white friends, well, I’m sure you’ll get a good laugh out of the book too.  And if you don’t have any white friends, then you will learn almost everything you will ever need to know about liberal minded white people, and much more.

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