Purple Onion


I watched The Hangover again a few nights ago with my wife, and I gotta say, Zach Galifianakis really makes that movie rewatchable.  He’s off the hook.  I’ve posted his stuff on here before, so those of you who read Westcheddar on the reg should know I love his Between Two Ferns episodes on Funny Or Die.  But he also has this stand-up DVD out now (see cover above) of him performing in San Francisco at The Purple Onion.  It’s a very entertaining watch.  Not only does it show his whole set, where he plays the piano, fucks with the audience, and manages to tell some jokes too, but it also has clips of him hanging out with one of his boys, and also an interview with his “brother” (who is actually played by  Zach himself).  I found the whole thing on YouTube and figured I’d post it for your enjoyment.  It’s about an hour long.  Check it out below, then cop the DVD for your collection…

Look for him in that new movie with Michael Cera, Youth In Revolt, which comes out this Friday…

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