New School

My Dudes, Youth

My young boy Rell from the BX is still at it, writing good songs and making cool music videos for the streets.  I support this dude 100 percent, and have posted his stuff a couple times on Westcheddar (he’s one of Matty B’s students).  Here’s his latest, over Jay-Z’s “A Million And One Questions”.  It’s called “I Feel”…

Check out all his videos on his YouTube channel HERE.

Another dude I’m checking for right now is my geee Killa Whale.  I’ve known this kid since 7th Grade, and he lives up to his name on the mic.  He’s ferocious.  Even as a 7th grader his bars were so ridiculous you would’ve thought some grown ass man was ghostwriting for him.  Now he’s a senior in high school, and still doing his thing.  I’m looking forward to hearing some new stuff from him (his latest mixtape cover is above and is available on his Myspace page).  Check out this two part interview with Killa Whale below.  Thanks for the shout out Whale!  White Plains stand up!


Now please, download this song onto your nearest Ipod or computer or whatever the hell you listen to your music on.  These are my high school boys from Mount Kisco, and trust me, they are focused.  All original beats and rhymes.  Alon “Life With Stars”.  I fux with this hard body…


One more.  This is from my boy Chase (from White Plains but lives in Mt. Kisco).  He is writing every day, and recording every night with me where I work.  Great kid, and he’s got some dope lyrics.  This is his newest track, which he said is one of his best, so I thought I’d leak it out here.


Who else is nice around the way that we should be checking for?  Let me know in the comments section.  Peace…

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