Making The New Sade Album


Sade’s new album Soldier of Love comes out next Tuesday, and I’m definitely excited about it.  I’ve been purposely avoiding the leaks, which I never do, because I want to buy the album and listen to it the way she put it together.  The single (title track), which came out many weeks ago, has been enough to hold me over.  Check out this behind the scenes look at the making of Sade’s new album…

Did you really think that was all I was gonna give you?  Come on now!  Sade got MAD CLASSIC SONGS.  But have you ever seen the videos for them?  I haven’t.  Until now.  Here’s a couple of my all time fave Sade tracks…

“Hang On To Your Love”

(remember when me and K-Wet sampled this? Click HERE to hear)

“The Sweetest Taboo”

“Kiss Of Life”

“Smooth Operator”

Oh, you want to see her new video?  Well I posted the link last month when we played the song on Westcheddar Radio #2.  Check it out HERE.  The next Westcheddar Radio episode is coming very soon.  And go cop that Sade album on Tuesday!  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!!!!!

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