Larger Than Life

My Dudes

Today is the 10th anniversary of Big Pun’s death, and here at Westcheddar, we would like to honor one of the greatest rappers of all time by offering this classic mixtape to our readers for free, courtesy of my close friend and White Plains native DJ ROZ.  As you may know, Big Pun spent the last days of his life in White Plains at the Crowne Plaza hotel, where he died 2/7/00.  Back cover with tracklist, and download link, below…


Check out more classic Big Pun pictures, videos, and music, at UP NORTH TRIPS, which is a great hip hop/sports site that I am contributing to now.  Perfect for those of you from my generation who want to take a trip down memory lane through the 80’s and 90’s, or those of you younger or older readers that want to dive deep into “our” golden era of hip hop and sports.  Click HERE for a history of all Big Pun content, including today’s #PUNDAY memorial posts.


Here’s a couple more links to check out….

Up North Trips Pun Day Complete Recap (All Links In One Post)

Peter Rosenberg’s Hot 97 Real Late Big Pun Tribute Mix


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