Kings Of Schlock

My Dudes

What started as a #jewishrapnames Twitter trending topic is now a full fledged mixtape, presented by my team Up North Trips (shouts to EvBoogie) and hip hop journalist Paul Cantor.  The project, which I watched quickly come together after a couple days of hilarious jewish rap names piled up on my Twitter timeline, features guest appearances from my dudes Peter Rosenberg and the Westcheddar native ItsTheReal Rosenthal brothers.  Yada yada yada, Back cover and download/stream link below…



My dude D. Schwartz (yes he’s jewish), a dope rapper from Florida, got a new collaboration EP out with producer Bee Wirks called D-Wirks Foot On The Gas.  Get it at NahRIght.  And check out my other jewish rapper pal Kosha Dillz.  The video for his song “Cellular Phone” is now getting played on MTV and VH1.  I like this…

Challah at ya boy….

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