Winning The Wheel

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Sometime towards the end of last year, I got a text from my boy Timmy P saying that his older brother Matt was going to be on Wheel Of Fortune.  Matt, a fellow WPHS graduate and our elder of a few years, is a great guy, and during my middle school and high school years growing up I would see him at Tim’s house playing pool in their basement and hanging out on weekends. I never knew that Wheel Of Fortune was so big in their family, and specifically with Matt, who loves the show and had been trying to get on it for years. Well not only did he get on, but he won the fucking thing and took home $40,000.  Recently, Matt told the story of his triumph at Back Fence PDX, which is a live storytelling series in Portland, Oregon, where Matt has lived for a while now. Check it out, it’s a doozy of a tale, told with heartwarming humor and comedic style.  Congrats Matt, you are now an official member of the Westcheddar Hall Of Fame.

And yes, we have the footage of the actual show in the Westcheddar Archives.  Stay tuned!

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