How The Wheel Was Won

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Back in June, I posted about how my dude Timmy P’s older brother Matt, a fellow White Plains High School graduate and longtime family friend, recently won $40,000 on Wheel Of Fortune.  In the post, I highlighted a video of Matt on stage in Portland (where he now lives) telling the story of his road to victory, which is filled with many heartwarming, laugh out loud moments.  Well, I finally got my hands on the footage of the Wheel Of Fortune game show that he won!  I gotta say, listening to Matt tell the story is awesome, but watching him actually win, and solve that IMPOSSIBLE final puzzle, is truly incredible.  I am proud to debut this footage, almost exactly a year after his November 2009 appearance on the show, for all to enjoy, here on Westcheddar.  Congratulations again to Matt P for a remarkable performance, and thanks to his father Dan P for blessing me with the DVD of the show.  White Plains stand up!!!!  Part One is above, and Part Two and Three are below (Part Three is the Bonus Round where he solves the final puzzle).  Enjoy!

WOW.  This is definitely one of my favorite posts in the history of Westcheddar.  By the way, if you missed Matt telling the story of his big win, click HERE.  Cheah!

2 thoughts on “How The Wheel Was Won

  1. Sayjack is so gassed that Matt hits the final puzzle, he keeps talking about through the credits.
    Put Matt on the Rushmore of Wheel. Wish Pat had put Vanna on the line instead of 6 months salary. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Bingo Bango!


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