Get Pumped

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Ok, this is what happens when I spend a whole summer with a bunch of middle school campers.  We hang out every day, play pool and tetherball, crack jokes nonstop, and then go into the lab and make rap music together.  These kids, who call themselves “The Kunais” (I’m told it means “japanese tool”) came up with the concept and beat for two great songs, and we ended up performing them for the whole camp.

The first, “I’m Pumped”, came from them being so fired up everyday at camp.  They’d walk around all day saying “I’m so pumped right now” and then wail on each other’s arms with fists of fury.  Then one day they bumrushed me in the lab and said they wanted to make a song called “I’m Pumped”.  They banged out the beat on Garage Band, and I helped them shape their verses and the chorus.  Then, true story, when we were done recording I was so pumped myself that I went in and freestyled the last verse.  We were all cracking up and they loved it so we decided to keep it on the song.  For the rest of the summer, this was our anthem.  Everyone knew all the words, and campers were constantly quoting my freestyle back to me, which was so funny.

The second, “Says Who”, was another saying of theirs.  For example, if a counselor would ask them to do something, they would respond “Says who!?”  Completely rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful, but really, really funny.  So I suggested we make a song about it.  I came up with the hook, like I’m the counselor and they’re talking back to me, and they wrote their verses.  The rest is summer camp history.

So the above video is us performing these two songs at the end of camp Variety Show.  You can’t tell from the video, but the entire gym is filled with campers and their parents and families.  It was an off the hook performance, and I’m confident that no summer camp Variety Show has ever witnessed anything like it.  Enjoy the rest of your summer, and big shout out to my boys at the BGC for making the past eight weeks unforgettable…


My beat boxing brother Max Bee came to perform for the campers and shut the place down.  It was extremely sick.  Here’s a clip from the performance of him playing the “Name Game” with the campers (he makes beats using their first names), and also beat boxing for a staff dance battle.  Thanks for coming Max!


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