Stan’s Samples

Stan Ipcus

Stan’s Samples is a collection of some of my favorite songs I’ve sampled, looped up, or remixed, dating back to my first album.  I’ve been wanting to put this project together for a while, and I finally did it!  I think you’re gonna like it, especially if you’re a fan of all kinds of good music, and extra especially if you’re familiar with my rap song catalog.  Here’s the tracklist, along with some sounds, visuals, and background stories for each song on the mix.  And the download link is at the bottom…

1.  The Meters “Cissy Strut” (sampled on “Ippy Strut”)

-I first heard this song in the movie Jackie Brown.  Fell in love with The Meters after that.  I’ve sampled them a couple times.  “Ippy Strut” was from my first album, then I re-did it for IPmatic.  This is as funky as an instrumental track can get.

2.  Aaron Neville “She Took You For A Ride” (sampled on “Nothing U Can Do”)

-I found this song on a soul music blog, I forget which one.  Always loved the Neville Brothers, but had never heard this particular Aaron Neville solo track before.  Gave it to my boy Kaliph, and he flipped it nice.  Peep the video for “Nothing U Can Do” if you missed it…

3.  Style Council “Long Hot Summer” (sampled on “Dan Dynamite”)

-My cousin CI gave me this song and told me to sample it.  It’s some fly 80’s euro shit.  I listened to it on repeat forever because I just thought it was a great song, but wasn’t sure how I was gonna flip it.  I finally looped it up a couple years later and wrote to it, then Max Bee added some instruments to when we recorded it.  Really proud of how the final product came out.

4.  Spoon “I Turn My Camera On” (sampled on “Hammer”)

-Oh man, I had this looped for months before I finally figured out what to do with it!  Then the chorus popped into my head, and the rest is history.  I know some other people will get credited, like Kanye West or Kid Cudi, for sampling indie rock shit first, but for real I was on it before them.  I’m a big indie rock guy.  Check the video of me and Matty B performing this at Thirsty Turtle.  This is the WP show banger of the century…

5.  Arctic Monkeys “Fake Tales of San Francisco” (sampled on “Get Horny”)

-I fucking love the Arctic Monkeys.  This song is so crack!  The beat is ridiculous, and the vocals are amazing.  These guys are like The Beatles with a hip hop influence.  And “Get Horny” is one of the most fun songs I ever recorded.  My wife loves that shit.

6.  Red Hot Chili Peppers “Hey” (sampled on “Hey”)

-One of the first times I ever looped up a rock song was with this.  DJ Destro used to love to use this at shows early on to get the crowd fired up.  Peep the video of me spitting over this, my first Youtube video I ever made at my old crib on Greenridge Avenue in WP…

7.  Run DMC “My Adidas” (sampled on “My Ferris Buellers”)

-Ahh, the classic!  Run DMC was all we listened to back in elementary school.  Check them performing live above.  Shouts to Cipha Sounds for breaking “My Ferris Buellers” on Hot 97 and giving the boy a shot.  Watch my video below…

8.  The Beastie Boys “So What’cha Want”  (sampled on “Gadush Gadush”)

My favorite Beastie Boys song of all time.  I saw some older counselors at Hi Rock summer camp perform this one night at a party in the mess hall back in the day, and from then on it was my shit.  And I idolized Ad Rock as a young teen.  Yeah, I had to get on this beat sooner or later.  The footage above of them performing this song on Arsenio Hall with a special appearance at the end from Cypress Hill is awesome.

9.  G. Love & Special Sauce “Baby’s Got Sauce” (sampled on “Spit Crack, Get Face”)

-This song brings back the best memories of high school.  Such a cool track.  And when I was putting together the Real Breezy mixtape with Roz, I looped it up one day and wrote a story joint to it and recorded it on my laptop.  The quality of “Spit Crack, Get Face” kinda sucks, but it’s still fun.  Think I’m gonna pull out that first G. Love album today and give it a listen, haven’t bumped it in a while.

10.  Kool G. Rap “For Da Brothaz” (sampled on “Wifey Material”)

-I still remember hearing this on underground NYC radio back in the 90’s when it first came out.  It was either Stretch and Bobbito or Mayhem and those guys at 89.1FM, can’t remember.  But they kept bringing back the opening loop, and I thought it was the illest beat ever.  I’m so drawn to slow, laidback beats.  And G. Rap murders it on some real hood story shit.  I gave it a different flavor and made it into like an introspective love song, and Max Bee played keys over the loop to give it our own feel.  “Wifey Material” is one of my favorite songs I ever did, shouts to Peter Rosenberg for playing it a bunch of times on Hot 97, that’s what’s up.

11.  Sade “Hang On To Your Love” (sampled on “Keepin’ It Movin'”)

-I’m a major Sade fan, she’s so dope.  This was a smooth loop.  If I did it now, I’d put the guitars on the hook, but back then I would just loop something, record it, and on to the next one.  Whatever though, because my boy K-Wet killed the hook!!!  But yeah, Sade gets major burn in my life.  Her new album is hot.

12.  Amy Winehouse “You Know I’m No Good” (sampled on “Rap Video”)

-This seems obvious, and I know there’s a version with Ghostface rapping on it, but I had to make my own song out of this.  It’s too funky of an intro, and once it was looped up it sounded like an old Grand Puba joint.  Max Bee played guitar over this to thicken it up.  Amy Winehouse is so ill, I hope she comes out with a new album soon.  Word up, Back to Black is in my desert island Top 5.

13.  Fish Go Deep “The Cure and The Cause” (sampled on “Highlands to Hollywood”)

-My wife’s friend put me on to this song on New Year’s of 2007.  She was thumping it in the whip, and I told her I needed it asap.  I put the quick flow on this for all my Westchester kids who fist pump at the local bars.  This is probably the most left field song I ever looped up, but the final product came out dope.  Matty B on the hook makes this loop even crazier!

14.  Jim White “Static On The Radio” (sampled on “Let’s Walk”)

-Don’t fuck with me.  This is probably the dopest loop I ever made.  Heard this on WFUV, found the song, looped it, and went the fuck in.  I never really got the recording “Let’s Walk” the way I wanted, but it’s on Bachelor Party.  Peep the video of me spitting over it…

15.  David Ruffin “I Let Love Slip Away” (sampled on “Picket Fence Dream”)

-Ooooh, this is smooth.  I like how I made the chorus on this one.  I rocked this for The Young Professional when I was trying out some new styles and more grown up themes.  I don’t really loop shit any more though.  Nos if I find something I like, I just give it to Kaliph, because he’s so ill with it.  He’ll make it sound way better than what I could do with it anyway.

16.  Cymande “One More” (sampled on “Lyrical Delight” & “Farting In Your Faces”)

-The Cymande album got so much burn during my college days.  It was in constant rotation.  On my first album, I had a bunch of slow songs, and I chopped this one into two different long verses during the album.  This is like the most mellow song in the history of music.  Makes me think back to the days when we would just chill for hours upon hours outside getting twisted without a care in the world.


Thanks for checking this project out, I hope you like it.  And yo, if you want all the Stan Ipcus songs from Stan’s Samples, download them all HERE!!!!!  Hollerrrr at your boy…

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