Sports Posters from the 80’s

My Dudes, Sports, The Good Old Days

My cousin CI over at No Mas NYC and now also Doubleday & Cartwright is part of a very cool event on Thursday, featuring sports posters from the 80’s that many of us had on our bedroom walls back in the day. Here’s more about it, courtesy of Sports Illustrated:

On June 23, Salon 94 in Manhattan is opening its “For The Kids” exhibit, which will feature the classic sports posters of John and Tock Costacos. The brothers were originally sports t-shirt manufacturers, but started a side business creating “fantasy” sports posters that gave professional sports heroes a larger-than-life look and appeal. Here is a sneak peek at some of the posters that will be on display…

I took the liberty of picking out my favorites from the SI event preview. But you can see all 16 they posted HERE. Stay classy Westcheddar.


I’ve posted this on Westcheddar before, but I have to show it some love here. Not sure if the Costacos brothers are responsible for this one, but I had it on my wall well into my 20’s. Shout out to Don Mattingly, my favorite baseball player and athlete of all time. Go LA Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!

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