Mixtape Memories with Tony Touch

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A few years back, I did a post here on Westcheddar titled Mixtape Memories, looking back at some of my favorite mixtapes from the ’90s. It was linked on NahRight, and became one of my biggest posts ever here at Westcheddar. So now that I’m writing features for NahRight, I thought it would be dope to start a Mixtape Memories series, interviewing mixtape DJs from back in the day, and highlighting artists who made a major impact during that era. My first interview for the series was published earlier this week with Tony Touch, the legendary DJ behind countless classic tapes, including the ones in his Power Cypha 50 MCs series. Check the interview below, and also two other posts I did for the series highlighting some of the dopest Redman and Kanye West mixtape freestyles.

Mixtape Memories with Tony Touch | NahRight

Mixtape Memories: 5 Classic Redman Freestyles | NahRight

Mixtape Memories: 5 Classic Kanye West Freestyles | NahRight


Also, take a look back at these awesome SMACK DVD clips I compiled for NahRight…

Video Vault: 7 Classic SMACK DVD Clips | NahRight

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