The Iron Age

Music, My Dudes, The Good Old Days

Back in August, I sent my man Ev Boogie of UpNorthTrips this crazy Hot 97 Tapes: Summer of ’96 Mix that these dudes Its Overture linked me on Twitter. Like me, he was instantly bugging off not only the rare selections but the quality of the mix, and asked me to connect him with the creators.

Now, two months later, UpNorthTrips and ItsOverture have tag-teamed on a brand new mix titled The Iron Age, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ghostface Killah’s debut album Ironman. And it does not disappoint, especially if you’re a true Wu head like me. My favorite moment is definitely how they blended RZA’s “Assassination Day” verse with the “Verbal Intercourse” instrumental—crazy.

Check it out above, and while you’re at it, go pre-order Ev Boogie and Stretch Armstrong’s new book of classic NYC hip-hop/nightlife flyers.

Bonus Mix: DJ Rhude – You Can’t Stream This On Spotify Vol. 2 (R&B Remix Edition)

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