Kroll & Mulaney At It Again!

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Nick Kroll and John Mulaney return—with zero chill—to host this year’s Film Independent Spirit Awards. Off the hook! Watch their opening monologue above, and also check them out below promoting their hosting duties with Conan earlier this week. So fun, so funny.


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So we finally made it out to see our old buddy Nick Kroll’s broadway show Oh, Hello. Yo. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that we laughed nonstop from start to finish. Two hours of absolute hilarity, including a sweet guest appearance by one of our childhood idols Michael J. Fox. So funny, so smart, so outrageous. Congrats to Nick and his co-star John Mulaney on an incredible performance and Broadway run, and special thanks for making our mutual friend Kam’s birthday one he’ll never forget (see pic above).

Watch endless clips of Oh, Hello‘s in-play talk show 2much2na, featuring appearances by literally everyone, HERE.

Oh, Hello on Broadway

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Rye’s own Nick Kroll hits Broadway this fall with his partner-in-comedy John Mulaney. I hear the show is excellent, gonna have to see for myself. Get your tickets HERE.

In related news, Kroll and Mulaney will be starring in Big Mouth, an animated series on Netflix that is also co-created and executive produced by my boy Andrew Goldberg! More HERE.

Oh, Hello, Off Broadway

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Westcheddar alumnus Nick Kroll (above right) and his longtime comedy partner John Mulaney (above left) are the stars of a new Off Broadway play, featuring the kvetching Upper West Side “Oh, Hello” duo they’ve been performing together as for years. I remember watching these guys slay improv shows at Georgetown back in our college days, so to see them killing it now to the point where The New York Times is doing articles on them is absolutely awesome. Read below.

In ‘Oh, Hello,’ Nick Kroll and John Mulaney Have a Stage Senior Moment

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