Westcheddar Radio #2: January Jump Start

Westcheddar Radio

Ok!  Westcheddar Radio is back!  Episode #2 is called January Jump Start, and it features a bunch of cool music from artists that Westcheddar is checking for in 2010 (see above).  Lots of new songs off projects due out in the next few months, and also some stuff you might have missed in the past couple years from acts we are hoping will put out new music in 2010.  Hosted by yours truly Stan Ipcus and my good buddy Fitz Winkleman.  Download/Stream below…


If you missed Westcheddar Radio #1: Hanukah Hold Up, check it out HERE.  And big shout out to David Roy, the resident Westcheddar graphic designer (he did the cover for The Young Professional), who is responsible for all the Westcheddar Radio artwork.  Here’s his contact info (he’s very reliable and works swiftly).  Tell him Ipcus sent you…

I would have included Avi Buffalo’s song “What’s It In For?” in this episode of Westcheddar Radio, but I got put on to his music after we, as Fitz would say, “went to tape”.  But Avi (real last name Isenberg!) and his band are definitely on our radar as one of the new acts to watch for this year.  For more on Avi Buffalo, just look at the post below, or click HERE.  Thanks for listening.  Stay tuned for more Westcheddar Radio coming sooner than you think…


Watch the brand new video for Fitz Winkleman’s favorite song from Westcheddar Radio #2, Sade “Soldier of Love”, RIGHT HERE.

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